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Devilish wit, smart, funny , mindbending and very unique.

"I just wished he'd get out of my head…"

- professor stephen hawking

"Whoh! How did you do that!?"

- Brian May, followed by Steve Vai…


A very alternative entertainer that takes himself way too seriously with a complex and ego to match. Unleash David Zambuka on your next event and sit back safe in the knowledge that it'll be a night they'll never stop talking about!

Zambuka’s presentations have been used to promote products, launch new branding, motivational seminars and comedy relief to events worldwide. Hired to come and fool the greatest mind in the universe - Professor Stephen Hawking. Zambuka has successfully entertained quantum physicists, cosmologists, astronauts, cosmonauts, astro-biologists, economists and 2 rock guitarists…
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  I wish he'd just get out of my head…

An interactive show utilising audience participation. A unique experience and presentation for corporate events, award presentation, product launches and more. *Experience David Zambuka’s mind hacks, thought experiments and reveal exactly what’s on your audiences minds!

The performance can be tailored to fit your event and include a companies branding, slogan or key message.
*Terms and Condition apply. David Zambuka accepts no responsibility for any decrease in productivity, staff calling in sick, corporate espionage exploits, share price decline or hostile takeover bids. If however things start looking up - hire him back next year…

David Zambuka has comically fused both pseudo science with mind reading, making for a very different approach to mentalism. Looking like a demented time lord and best described as Derren Brown fused with Alan Partridge - Zambuka will delight and entertain any audience with a show that can be tailored to your specific event.

Zambuka has been tasked from theming his performances for a variety of events, including :-

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launching new credit card
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super hero villains
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car manufacturers
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the search for alien life
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launch of game console
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quantum physics and black holes
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David Zambuka is wholly original and will add a unique performance to your event. Get in touch below for current availability and further details.

David Zambuka was invited to the STARMUS festival by Professor Stephen Hawking to present what many believed to be a serious talk on the development of time travel. Needless to say, the audience soon realised they were being entertained and simultaneously completely fooled when Zambuka revealed his final prediction - The Equation of the Theory of Everything!

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Watch David Zambuka present a talk on Quantum mind reading using his groundbreaking theory of Dimensional Interphased Cognitive Knowledge. This was filmed live at the STARMUS 3 festival in Tenerife.

Stephen Hawking was on the front row and asks a very special question. This performance was in front of over 2000 scientists from around the World.

STARMUS iV footage to follow soon…
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Get in touch. Communicate with Zambuka by sending a thought, or just use the contact form below…

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