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Quantum Mindreader

David Zambuka is the World's only Quantum mindreader! You want something different for your next event, something that will really entertain. Zambuka has entertained some of the most diverse audiences in the World.

Corporate Events

Introduce something unique to your next event. Tired of the same old boring entertainment? Liven up proceedings with a show they'll never forget!

Product Launches

Zambuka has launched numerous products for large corporations and businesses. Make you product stand out with a mind bending twist!

VIrtual Shows

Zambuka on Zoom! You can now hire Zambuka to perform virtual mind reader show using the two most popular platforms- ZOOM & Skype.


Available for private parties, from stage to more intimate settings. Full show throughout the evening or maybe just a guest spot, you decide.


Zambuka on Zoom!

In response to the global lockdown and social distancing measures, Zambuka is now performing his mind reading show via Skype and Zoom. More details below.


Professor Stephen Hawking personally invited Zambuka to attend the STARMUS festival. Zambuka entertained theoretical physicists, cosmologists, biologists, astronomers, astronauts and two rock guitarists.

The Starmus International Festival is an international gathering focused on celebrating astronomy, space exploration, music, art, and allied sciences such as biology and chemistry. Stephen Hawking was one of the founding members of this festival which was first formed by Queen guitarist Brian May and Astrophysicist, Garik Israelian.

Zambuka attended and entertained at both Starmus iii and iV. His presentations were themed for the festival and even fielded a direct question on radiation of black holes from Professor Stephen Hawking himself!

Watch Zambuka on LOKi TV

LOKi TV is the YouTube channel showcasing the talents of LOKi, the man behind David Zambuka. LOKi TV can be watched for free on YouTube and has a variety of sketches, spoofs, sci-fi parodies, comedy, satire, magic and mentalism.

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Equation of Everything!

with professor brian cox

Virtual Mind Reading!

Zambuka on Zoom!

Mind reading direct in your home or office! During the recent Covid-19 restrictions, magicians and mentalists have been discovering new ways to reach their audiences. Zambuka on Zoom uses the popular platform to perform an interactive show with a group of individuals from anywhere in the World!

Zambuka will read minds, make predictions and even subliminally persuade, influence and mind-hack the participants in a fun, entertaining and most engaging way. This isn't like watching a video on YouTube, this is a fully interactive experience where Zambuka performs the effects on YOU!


I predict that the Rubik's cube you just mixed will look identical to the one I mixed and photographed yesterday.


How does it work?

A virtual meeting room is setup and participants join via a webpage and secret password emailed in advance. You simply login to the page and get ready for the performance. It couldn't be easier! Your guests can login and watch on their own devices or stream the performance direct to the boardroom (or sitting room) for all participants to enjoy.

The virtual mind reading show is also available on Skype. It's just as easy to join on the web and participate as a group. Virtual mind reading works best with groups of 5 - 10 households. Have as many people watching from home to the office as you want. Talk to the virtual mind reader by using the contact form below to ask any questions you may have.

Complete the form below to enquire about availibility or to find out how the virtual mind reader can entertain at your next event, meeting or even a party at home.


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