June 2016



After an invite to perform from Professor Stephen Hawking, I embarked on a journey through his mind and work! The STARMUS festival was co-founded and organised by Stephen and after seeing me perform, he decided to invite me to present a talk on the his chosen subject - Black holes!


Stephen kindly sent me a copy of his latest paper "Soft Hairs on a Black Hole" which gave me the inspiration and knowledge to build a performance hat would encompass Stephen's work and entertain a delegation of physicists, scientists, cosmologists, biologists and more 'ist's' than I can remember! But my explanation of Dimensional Interphased Cognitive Knowledge really got their attention…


Together with Professor Brian Cox, I managed to predict a random equation generated by the audience which had been locked in a chest hanging in full view since the beginning of the show. This equation I presented and gave to Stephen, claiming that's his life's work was done! And I'd managed to solve it it in about 20 minutes…


starmus finale

It was an immense privilege to spend time with Stephen and talk with him on a range of subjects. To have fooled the greatest mind in the world was indeed a highlight! My thanks to Stephen, his team and of course Gariik Israelian for inviting me to STARMUS 3!

zambuka meets hawking