June 2017


STARMUS iV - Trondheim, Norway.

After my first performance at STARMUS 3, i was invited back the following year. This year the topic was LIFE and I chose 'Extra Terrestrial Life'!? this time the delegates were ready for me, many had witnessed my prediction with the equation the previous year, so the challenge was to show them something new. David Eicher, editor in chief of Astronomy Magazine had this to say;

Following Steve’s talk, we had a special program with the one and only David Zambuka, magician and entertainer, who wowed the crowds last year with a presentation centered on Stephen Hawking. This time he had four of us (Steve Vai, myself, Astronomy Now Publisher Steve Young, and astronomer and broadcaster Jim Al-Kalili) draw aliens as he guessed, blindly, who drew each depiction. David is really a master of illusion and we’re lucky to have him involved as the Festival.


The drawing were ridiculed to say the least, but the volunteers had tried their best to depict ET. One such volunteer, Steve Vai, legendary guitarist was to receive the biggest surprise. Although his drawing had not been revealed or seen by the audience or indeed Zambuka, Zambuka was able to recreate the exact image on a chalk board!


Steve was totally fooled by the prediction and was visibly stunned as you'll see in the footage that was filmed live and broadcast around the World. STARMUS iV proved to be another hit and a performance enjoyed by all those who attended.