Laughter goes Viral


Laughter is infectious, it spreads like a virus, from one group to another. No amount of hand washing can prevent it but a face mask could certainly dull down the laughter. An audience very much has a pack mentality. If the person next to you laughs then you’re likely to laugh too, after all you don’t want to appear as someone who didn’t get the joke? Of course there will always be someone that doesn’t find me funny, but at least they’re in an environment where (hopefully) everybody else does. It’s hard to keep a straight face when all around you are rolling in the aisles.
Like laughter, yawns also promote an auto-response. However, yawning during my show is something I actively try to avoid…
Laughter is a release and comedians can use that tool to garner a laugh from a sensitive subject or perhaps a darker topic. People WANT to laugh and sometimes they just need that opportunity to do it. That prompt from others in the audience tells them;
A: It’s okay to laugh
B: This is the right time to laugh
Laughter soon spreads and the more you laugh, well, the more you laugh and infect those all around you.
Funny videos on social media go viral, faster than covid-19 and with happier results. Comedy is my tool and I guarantee the audience will be throughly entertained and hopefully the laughter bug will be something they DO take away and spread to others!

Live at the Apollo!

Brian Cox and Robin Ince Compendium of Reason.

Zambuka was invited to perform at this yearly event at the legendary Hammersmith Apollo. A guest list of some of the finest comics - Jo Brand, Dara O'Brien and Stewart Lee. Zambuka presented a performance piece on the illusion of free will. Zambuka was joined once again onstage by someone who was becoming familiar with his anarchic comedy -Professor Jim Al-Khalili. Jim had previously been onstage to explain the link between quantum entanglement and wormholes. Zambuka made him play Russian roulette with spray paint cans…

Thanks to Steve Best for the photos!

jim and dave

Corporate Comedy

Comedy works for all environments. Comedy can lower barriers, transcend differences and generally help forge new relationships, both business and personal. That’s why in a business meeting, presentation or product launch, comic wit can help the message get through and most importantly — be remembered. Comedy sells.
My own show uses comedy as a tool to enhance my routines, making them engaging and fun. Corporate entertainment is a niche sector of entertainment and one that I have spent many years developing my work for. From all the successes, the use of comedy has always been key. Like the song says — make ’em laugh. We’re able to use this skill in our daily lives too. So next time you’re at work try a little comedy, you’re find that it will brighten someones day and maybe lead to new and exciting opportunities. Just be careful when dealing with the French…

Product Launches

Time to launch product
Product launches are another field within the corporate entertainment sector. A new product brings with it a level of excitement and anticipation both for staff involved in it’s development, and for customers eager to see what the latest “thing” is. Car manufacturers were among the first to recognise the use of magicians and magic to reveal their new model. We’re all familiar with the illusion revealing the new car from a previous empty space with just the wave of hand. But how does a mentalist fare?
Mental magic is incredibly flexible and mind feats involving the audience can be utilised for a product reveal and make it just as memorable as that appearing car. I specialise in tailoring all my performnaces to suit the theme, brand and where possible, the product. I successfully used my mind reading talents to introduce the audience to credit cards, a games console, mobile phone, a diamond ring and even a designer clothing line.
With the performance customised in this way, the product is the star of the show and remains in the audience’s minds. Clients go away with having enjoyed the experience and more importantly — remembering your product.

Corporate Entertainment


There are many benefits to hiring an entertainer for your corporate event. For many years now companies have enjoyed using the talents of various entertainers from ice sculptors, dance troupes, musicians, circus acts, hypnotists, magicians and then there’s me — a mind reader.

So what can I, a mind reader, bring to your next event? Quite apart from revealing a thought of word, predicting numbers, replicating a drawing, etc. I can instil a message into the performance, one that promotes the brand, identity or ethos of your business. I can create a performance to enhance or highlight a particular product, motivate the staff, poke fun at the CEO or even present the equation of the theory of everything for Professor Stephen Hawking…
Whatever the approach, I will ensure that the proceedings are remembered, and above all, enjoyed immensely. With my injection of comedy, the routines are not only fun to watch, but even greater fun to participate in.